Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic

HK-47: "Answer: Simply that the distinction between 'killer' and 'killee' be a clear one. I cannot kill of my own volition, naturally."
Revan: "I don't think 'killee' is a word."
HK-47: "Expletive: Damn it, master, I am an assassination droid... not a dictionary!"

HK-47: "Advisory: It is not possible to destroy the master. It is suggested that you run while my blaster warms up, meatbags."

HK-47: "Query: Would you rather be caught with contraband that is 'very' illegal, or just a little illegal?"
Revan: "What's the difference?"
HK-47: "About twenty years, master."

HK-47: "Your pupil once asked me what I thought of him and I informed him of his meatbag status. He was unimpressed, but you thought the reference was humorous. You programmed me to continue using that reference. It drove your pupil to extreme lengths of frustration."
Revan: "So... Malak was the original meatbag. I like that idea."
HK-47: "Of course you do, master. You liked it then as well."

Jolee Bindo: "Bad bad men. Women too, to be fair. Oh, yes. They make a fine sandwich, also, heh, heh, heh. But don't tell the Jedi Council I said that."

Jolee Bindo: "…Sometimes swirling Force is just swirling Force. It gets all us old Jedi excited at our age so we go 'Oooo, destiny!'"

Jolee Bindo: "Oh, I get it. Let's play with the old man's head, is it? He's half-senile, he'll forget I said anything! Wait uh, what was this about, anyway?"

Jolee Bindo: "I'm old, damn it! I'm allowed to be enigmatic when I want to be, and don't you go telling me otherwise."

Jolee Bindo: "You know what I hate? Well, lots of things, actually. But I'm old, and easily annoyed."

Jolee Bindo: "Sigh…You know the problem with the youth of today? They're young."

Jolee Bindo: "No staring at the old man. That's what the sign says, dammit!"

Jolee Bindo: "Yeah, I'm old and stubborn. But I appreciate the effort. But from now on you can just think of me as any other non-Jedi in our little group—with a lightsaber. And Force powers."

Lashowe: "Do you know how many Sith there are on this planet?"
Jolee Bindo: "Twelve! No, wait! Thirteen!"
Canderous Ordo: "Nice one, old man."
Jolee Bindo: "Thank you. It takes effort to be properly irreverent at my age."

Canderous: "You had us outnumbered five to one. You had more ships, more troops, more supplies and the Jedi on your side. And we still made the Republic tremble before we fell!"

Canderous: "I don't hold a grudge against Revan, and neither do any of my people. It was the greatest moment of my life to be in that battle. If Revan had been a Mandalorian, nothing in the galaxy would have stopped us. But wishing for the past to be different is useless. Better to look to the future. As we should now."

Canderous: "Assassin. Mercenary. Those are names people give guys like me who do the killing to make us seem better or worse in their eyes."

Canderous: "Bastila, I heard a rumor that the Vulkars captured you without much of a struggle. It must be embarrassing to be bested by a handful of street thugs."

Canderous: "That's the problem with you Jedi. Always chanting about peace and control, never up for a good fight. Well, except for Revan, I guess."

Canderous: "You defeated the Mandalore clans in the war, Revan. You were the only one in the galaxy who could best us. We had never met one like you before, and never since. How can you even ask if I'll follow you? Whatever you are fighting, it will be worthy of my skill. I'm your man until the end, Revan, no matter how this plays out."

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