Wedding Wars (2006)

First thing first: seeing Sean Maher made me want to watch firefly again.
Secondly: this movie is just so adorable!

Wedding Wars is brilliant movie that touches me. I do not know if it is because I am bisexual or because its just that good. There´s romance, sweet, cute, romance both between a man and his woman, and a man and his man.
The movie is tagged as a comedy, and I can really see that because there is alot of humor in it, but there is still so much more to it.

It is the real fight. The fight for whats right. The fight to give gay people the right to marry. Everyone should be allowed to share theire life in the eyes of the law. Simply living togehter is not enough. The same goes for heterosexual couples. If you are not married, you dont have rights to anything. If one where to die, the other gets nothing, home, pets, money, children of the the partner.
So the fight in the movie is the real one.
Sugercoated like hell of course, but still the real fight.
A sugercoated fight. And I love sugar

Finding Neverland (2004)

Once again I´ve watched a movie that I know nothing about, this time because I love bedtime stories and the stories that we used to tell our children.

Must say that I didnt quite like the beginning. I was just bored, and really temted to turn it off. I dont know why, I´d just watched for about 15 miutes, but I still wanted to turn it off. Shure, I had no idea what to expect, but I dont know where to boredome came from.

Though I did like the dialects and the language. Did I say like? I meant Love. I´m a sucker for the olden english we dont really get to hear these days.
So polite to.
But they did have me at the dancing bear/dog Phortos! well, they sort of had me as soon as Depp´s carater began talking with the children.

There really should be more people like James Barrie in the world, people with imagination the way it should be. I would love it if I got to have someone like that around my own children.

This was a story about imagination, fantasies and friendship. Friendship between two adults as well as between a man and a group of children.
It was beautiful, sad and had a depth to it that appealed to me. Simple love, yet nothing that was ever anything else but proper.

Time is such a little thing really. Worthless and useless, yet we always seems to have so little of it.
We rearely realise how much time can mean, until the time to act have already passed. How little of our time it takes to help and heal others.


Splice (2009)

So, once again I´ve been a cute little nerd and had a videonight with a movie I knew nothing about. his time it was David Hewlett that led me to a movie.

And I can say that he still says "sorry" in that cute canadian way.

The movie was Splice. A drama/thriller/scifi movie from 2009.

It was morbid. Morbid beyond morbid.

I´ve had quite a few friends, like Karl Krantz, with a love for morbid when it comes to movies/shows and music. I´d say this one is right up his alley.

I think the movie as pretty well done, Dren was beautiful through out the whole movie, except for the first version when she was born. not so pretty, just weird. Other than that, and her final evolution, I found her very beautiful and well made. And the interacting between her and the actors was great.

So the special effects gets a thumbs up from me.

The movie was real. Like, REAL, real. Frightening, weird, disqusting and intriguing in a freaky way. Dren ended up with a pretty messed up couple, but they were still scientists. Scientist have always been scary. Scientists going to the extreme for money or glory - or plain old curiosity. Moral and life gets thrown out the window,gets deemed as worthless. SInce Tv4Film seems to have gone on a Jurassic Park rampage, the one quote tha comes to mind is "This is how you play God."

The most frighteing part of Splice must be that we will most likely end up there, in that situation where moral, and life itself means nothing.

A situation where life is meaningless. Most likely in a not to distant future.

Mr.Nobody/The Traveler (2010)

First of, I simply MUST comment on the name of this movie. It would seem that the original title was Mr.Nobody wich I think is fitting. However, the swedish name of the movie is The Traveler. First of all, I did NOT translate that. That is the name. So, in the swedish version that have not translated the name of the movie they simply gave it a new english name. great that one. I thought the name was weird, because there is no real traveling taking place in the movie. Its mostly just played out on the police station. So I thought that they were pretty weird, and that they should have named it Mr.Nobody or something instead.
Well, they did. Just not in sweden. Once again; Yeay us!

Well, the reason for watching this one? I knew NOTHING about it, other than the most important part: Paul McGillion was staring in it.
I´m a girl, incase you havent noticed. And I´m a nerd, if you managed to miss that aswell. Thats the only bloody reason I need.

So first thing first. I screwed up! 15-20 minutes in I realise my mistake: Its a horror movie. Took 10 minutes with High School Musical before I dared take the dog out for his walk. And then I had to go back and finish it. I´m really patetic when it comes to scary movies. I absolutely LOVE them, but I´m such a scaridy cat and I really need someone with when I watch and someone with me when I´m supposed to go to sleep after watching it. It was just me and the dog, and he did nog give a damn.
Nice guy, huh?

I should have realised that something was off when Cutiepie McGillion was cursing like a frelling sailor.

So.. The Movie.. that sucked. Paul McGillion, or no Paul McGillion. The movie sucked. Way to many flashbacks, and they were way, way, WAY too long.
Goes for most of the scenes. waaay to long. come on! a death scene that last 5 minutes? when there´s a young girl dying and you´re tapping your fingers, then the scene has gone on to long. And the scary part of the movie sorta went away kind of early. I should have worried.

Granted, there was an interesting twist at the end, but the VERY end.. that one I dont get. How the hell did they solve THAT mess?

A completely weird movie, and I really dont think that I´ll be recomending it to anyone.


Gibs Rules

Never screv (over) your partner.

1. Never let suspects stay together.

2. Always wear gloves at a crime scene.

3. Don't believe what you're told. Double check.

3. Never be unreachable.

4. If you have a secret, the best thing is to keep it to yourself. The second-best is to tell one other person if you must. There is no third best.

6. Never say you're sorry. It's a sign of weakness.

7. Always be specific when you lie.

8. Never take anything for granted.

9. Never go anywhere without a knife.

10. Never get personally involved in a case.

11. When the job is done, walk away.

12. Never date a coworker.

13. Never, ever involve lawyers.

15. Always work as a team.

18. It's better to ask forgiveness than ask permission.

22. Never, ever interrupt Gibbs in interrogation.

23. Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live.

27. There are two ways to follow.
1st way - they never notice you;
2nd way - they only notice you.

38. Your case, your lead.

39. There is no such thing as coincidence.

40. If it seems like someone's out to get you, they are.

44. First things first, hide the women and children.

45. Clean up your messes.

51. Sometimes - you're wrong.

.. ... So...? where´s the rest of ´em?