Sanctuary Fanfiction

"Nikola Tesla, Kiss me and I´ll save your life."

"Hmmm." He hummed pensively. "Still mad I see. I figured you would have burned that off by now."
"Mad? Mad! No, I'm furious, and why shouldn't I be? You left leaving nothing but a bloody note!"
"Actually I left two." He abruptly took a giant step back at the flash of renewed anger in her eyes. "Don't hit, or shoot or anything else that is going to cause me bodily harm." He said pointing at her.


"What ails you, my friend?"

This is.. strange. I suppose that would work at a lack of a more fitting word.
I could not fall asleep last night. I do not know why, and it is quite confusing. I went to bed just after midnight but I simply could not fall asleep. I tried with music, without it, with blankets, without them, with cat, without cat. Though I might say that she did not aprove of getting removed from the bedroom and returned shortly.

Everytime I laid down and tried to relax I got this.. nasty feeling. You know when there is something that you fear or that you definitely dont want to be a part of? You know how you feel the night before. That sick, twisting feeling in your stomach? Everytime I laid down, it was there. It did not matter what I tried. Atalantis, Moya, Eureka, home, away, here, there.. Nothing worked. When I got up to get a glass of water, it went away. When I went back to bed it came back. Everytime I got out of bed it left, as if it had never been there. And the strange thing was; I almost believed it. I could hardly remember having it and I never believed that it would come back. Yet it did. Over and over again.

At half past three I gave up. Took a warm shower, got dressed and crawled up in the couch for a session of KotOR2 on my Xbox. I was not tired and I had not been during the entire night. At six I decided to try again and went to bed. The feeling didnt come back but I was so restless that it felt as if my very skin was trying to crawl away. So at seven I gave up, again. Second time in one night and took another shower before I finished cleaning the apartment.

My parents showed up a few minutes before nine. I decided to make a Daim-cheesecake withouth thinking about the fact that I would never be able to finish it on my own. They were only to happy to render assistance. Or so they said. They only took one slice each. So now I have to have more guests over. Perfect.

Since I have the afternoon shift this week I got on the 13.00 bus and now I got tired, and would have fallen asleep if it would not have been for me constantly biting my tongue.
Now its half past six in the afternoon. I have been up for just about 36 hours. Not that there is anything to worry about, I usually do not get any trouble from lack of sleep until three-four nights withouth sleep. The almost-falling-aslepp-on-the-bus was strange enough but now I feel.. empty. I can not even summon the energy to get annoyed at the more then rude customers I have had since Sara left. Three women who would have had me furious any other night. Now I just sigh and shake my head.

I cant seem to focus my thoughts. They shatter lite butterflies on a field and I can not catch them to put them back together. I do not have the words to describe where I am or what it feels like. Perhaps.. At peace?