2013-08-14 Traveling to the Chicon #SGCHI

Okey, yeah. Its not the 14th. I know that. But see, I had this brilliant idea that I would go to the Chicon and not tell ANYONE there. and its been killing me. I´ve seen my friends wonder if they were gonna do Chicon or something else and I just wanted to yell "Do Chicon! I´m gonna be there!"
But I couldnt. Because I´m stubborn. You know, because I´m swedish ;)

Didnt really get any sleep the night before, but Hey! Thats been my life for the past three to four weeks. But I´ll live. I always do. And you can get by on four hours of sleep. You can. I´m living proof.
But I did get about two hours of sleep before I had to get up and get ready.
Dad came to pick me up around 5:15 and drove me to the train. He was gonna wait around just in case something happened. And it did. We were gonna leave Arlanda at 10:20, which meant that I had to be at the airport to check in at 8:20. My train was going to leave at 6:10 and I was gonna be at Arlanda at 7:17. Yeah right. It was delayed. Several times. In the end it was 30 minutes late and I had just about enough time to check in and grab a sandwich before it was time to get on the plane.

And then there was the wonder, wonder 8 hours of sitting on a plane surrounded by strangers. You all know how I love that. Especially in close quarters. But it went fine. Though I must say that there were ALOT of americans on the same flight. I didnt know that many of them visitet sweden. Heck, I didnt know they knew where we were :P

I managed to work some, but mostly I just slept. I did get to see the new G.I.Joe movie. Yeah, not too impresssed. But, I guess there are worse things to watch. Like.. Twilight.

Arrived at the O´Hare with really nice weather and managed to go through security and pick up my luggage relatively quickly. Wobbled around for a while before I remembered what I was supposed to do so I found a information desk where I could borrow a phone to call the hotel and tell them that I needed a shuttle. A free shuttle. I love this country ^^* Free is good.

Got to the hotell, unpack everything, checked facebook to try and snoop out who was definitely coming and then I hit the bathtub. Several times that day. I arrived at the hotel around 3:30 PM and spent the rest of the day watching 2 Broke Girls or just lazying in the tub. Which was awesome. I miss having a bathtub :(

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