Why should I have to take this? Two children, little boys who for some reason seems to believe that they are men, whining because they dont think that I pay them enough attention.

Why the hell should I pay attention to someone who doesnt listen, who does NOT respect my decisions or me, someone who is not family when I am spending all of my waking time fighting. Fighting to stay afloat. Trying desperately to keep my head above the surface. If I give in or get distracted for just a second, then I will fall. And I wont be able to get back up again.

Worse and worse. The shadows are back and everything is just.. frelled.
For crying out loud, not even the con helped. Everynow and then I got a con-high but whenever no one talked to me, or I was alone it went away and I fell back into it.

And today I recieved a letter in the mail. Not even gonna bother opening it. No one has the right to push me further down or try to make me feel bad.
I´ve had it with those kind of guys.

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