Dont you just love the smell of chlorine in the morning?

Natten innan jag skulle åka var det inte riktigt någon mening med att gå och lägga sig. Jag fäste ihop Michelle´s present, and just to have something to do, I made him a tac vest. ^^* He´s so cute.. I just hope its possible to see who it is :P Maria could so.. fingers crossed.

Left for the airport at 3 am. Loooong, boring ride as always. kom dit vid fem, precis då dom öppnade incheckningen. Killen i mitt bås gjorde mig uppmärksam på att det tar ca 15 minuter att gå till gaten så jag borde ha det i åtanke. Yeah.. riiight. för jag tänkte gå i 1h 45 m och råshoppa på arlanda -.- 10 minuter senare satt jag vid min gate :P

Första flyget var drygt. hade varit vaken lite drygt 30 timmar och jag fick inte sova. They kept waking me up. >< Antingen var det att kolla och mp3n var på, kolla om ja hade bälte eller servera en torr muffin -.- not funny.

Vi landade ungefär en 15 minuter tidigt i london och jag hade en timme innan min gate skulle stänga. I felt just a wee bit stressed. The second plane was better thought. 10 h and 15 minutes or something.. gah. but atleast I got to sleep. best way to make time fly. Its just that, everytime I oppened my eyes, something had changed infront of me. First time I opened my eyes, there was a glass of juice in front of me. Second time the empty glass was gone. Third time There was a tray of lunch. Fourth time the leftovers where gone. Fifth time there was a new glass of juice and some snack. and then, with four hours left until we landed I gave up on sleeping and started watching movies insted :P Got through the entire Friends with benefits and almost all of the new Smurfs movie. Missed the ending XD Just my luck. but I guess the little blue-thingy´s survive to live another day.

Once I arrived at the hotel they gave me a phone and I was able to talk to Maria and exchange room-numbers. after that i took a shower, we had dinner and I spent a long, long time in the thub (that reeeeeks of chlorine) with a Kelly Armstrong book before I went to sleep.

.. only to wake up at midnight :p

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