Stargate Atlantis

marias böcker kom idag, fyra av guiderna till Stargate Atlantis och jag kunde inte låta bli att börja läsa.. Minnas... och så klart skratta!

McKay: You touched something, didn´t you?
Ronon: No.. Maybe just a little.

Keller: You tore your stitches. Honestly, I´ve never met anyone with such reckless aggression. That´s not a compliment.
Ronon: If you say so.

McKay: It´s not going to scar is it?
Keller: chicks dig scars.
McKay: Not the chicks I dig.

Keller: I see light!
McKay: No! No, no, no, no! Don´t go towards the light! You want to stay in the land of the living!

Teal´c: Indeed.
Ronon: You say that alot.
Teal´c: what?
Ronon: "Indeed".
Teal´c: I do?
Ronon: Yeah.
Teal´c: I had not noticed.

Sheppard: I´m tired of getting shot at with our own guns.
Beckett: I´m generally not fond of it, regardless of the weapon.

Sheppard: This is either the most elaborate practical joke of all time, or I´m in serious trouble here.

McKay: You´re a genious.
Keller: Well, you know, trying to save a life and whatnot.

Keller: McKay! I´ve been trying to reach you.
McKay: Well I´ve been trying to save the city and whatnot.

Sheppard: How much time do we have?
McKay: Lets not start that again.

Mckay: Last night I dreamt that Colonel Carter invited me to her quarters for dinner.
Teyla: Maybe you shouldn´t be telling us this, Rodney.
Keller: Yeah, I said nightmare, not delusional male fantasy.
Mckay: Turns out she was serving lemon chicken. I mean, lemon. And the only reason she invited me to dinner was to tell me she was promoting Zelenka over me.
Ronon: That´s it?
McKay: Then I was eaten by a whale.

Ronon: That´s it? That´s the super weapon?
McKay: What were you expexting?
Ronon: Big gun. Something that goes boom.