Back at the store..

Yesterday I got picked up at the airport, went to my parents place and scanned the photo ops into the computer. then I got home, fell asleep TWICE in the bathtub and only woke up because I was so darn cold. Then I crawled into the bed and fell asleep again. Woke up around 8 pm in panik couse I thought I was late for work. :P

Called my mom, sat the alarm and fell asleep again. By the godess, did I sleep. Yet I still had a hell getting out of the bed the next morning. Put the alarm for 5 and snozzed for an hour before getting up and leaving for work.
Working at 7 am with jetlag and about a week of bad sleep is not fun. Doing the inventory for the entire shop was defenitly not fun. -.-'
I was lucky though couse I got to work with sweet Tobbe, and he allowed me to slack off a bit :P That was sweet. and soooo nice. Was sitting with my eyes closed and he pat my shoulder everytime I was about to fall of the chair :P

We were done around noon since there were about ten of us so it didnt take all that long. From seven to noon. Life is greeeat -.-' or not :P

Some things didnt really match up to what they were supposed to be, but most of them was just that the EAN was messed up or a number to mutch or to little. No biggie, took just about half an hour to correct my list.

So.. Now its 17.49, wich is the swedish time for 5.49 pm, and I'll be allowed to go home in a few minutes. I was actually supposed to close the store today, and I dont know why I'm not but no way in hell that I'll complain about that :P Staying here from 7 am to 8 pm with jetlag is not my idea of fun. So I'll close tomorrow and the day after that instead :P was only supposed to close tomorrow, but I need every penny I can get. If I'm lucky and save alot I might be able to afford the 2011 vancouver convention too. but right now I need to save for LA. Wich is too bad, couse I would have preffered to move to a better and less expensive apartment and then afford the vancouver convention. I want to go back there! I dont wanna be home! Its cooooold! :(

Ah well, I'll survive. :) But a girl can dream, right? :P

Love to all the nerd, geeks and dorks out there.

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