Home sweet home?

Really didnt sleep well last night.. or the night before that, or whatever :P

Got up at half past six, got ready and we went down to the lobby to check out and get our cab to the airport. . . That was harder than we thought, since there was no one there. What the.. they promised us that someone would be in the lobby for us at 6 am. The cab driver had to call the guy and he showed up from the room next door, and told us we should have called for him. We did. We called "Helloooooo!" for close to 10 minutes.

But eventually we were able to get to the airport where they told us that if our flight from Chicago to Arlanda was cancelled, then they wouldnt let us leave Canada, since alot of people are stuck there and there's no more room at the hotels. Marias first thought when she heard that was: Crap!
Mine was: YES!

The guy who told us looked at me as if I was crazy when I got this huge grin on my face.. :P WHAAT? I think that I fell in love with Vancouver. :P Trees everywhere. and blooming. And NO snow.
And close to the yearly vancouver convention ;)

However.. The flight was NOT cancelled so we got to go to Chigago.. yeay -.-. But we got a fun, little surprise when we got to our gate. We met not one, not two, but three of our fellow nerds from the convention ^^ So we got to talk about "old times" :P
And then it was time for bording. Thats when the fuuuuun part started. I got reaaally airsick. Really, really airsick. Tried having my head bowed down, basicly put it in my own lap but after about 30 minutes my neck wanted to resign, so it really wouldnt have worked for four hours. or for the 8-9 hours flight from chicago to sweden. I did not look forward to it.

But I was really lucky (comes with being "bouncing shaky Kicki") you see, the girl sitting next to me got really airsick to so she had these little pills she offered me.. Yes, yes, I KNOW that I shouldnt accept pills from strangers, but it couldnt get much worse. So she gave me a pill for the flight to chicago and after a while I could actually sit upp and my neck and I made peace with each other and became friends again.
And this girl, (slap me with a brick and call me a house, but I didnt even ask for her name) she gave me two pills so I would be able to survive the nect flight without barfing and humiliate myself. I really HATE it. Its nasty, discusting and it smells. Mostly it's like chain. If one does it, more people will couse its so discusting.

Anyway. Home safe and sound. We didnt have to check out our luggage in chicago this time, wich was nice. gave me time to buy a sandwich for the flight. The food they serve really, truly sucks. -.-
I'm a kid, I dont eat stuff like that :P

Mom was waiting for us at the airport and it was nice to run up to her and give her a big hug. I think she missed me ^^ And she was so nervous I wouldnt be able to get home. I dont really see the big deal with that. Shure, living at a hotel and stuff costs alot of money but its not like it would be a disaster if I was stuck for a while. If I still hadnt been able to go home after a month or two I would be in trouble, though. Not home=no income=No candy and pretty clothes :(

Well well.. Now I´m at my parents house, going through the photos from the weekend, with a dog at me feet and a cat in my lap.
Its good to be home. Cold, still a bit snowy and no blooming tree's, but still sorta good to be home.

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