Vancouver 14th April 2011

You know, I never realise how much I write until afterwards. And here I was, thinking that I would be writing as much this time. Didnt seem like much had happened, but it got pretty long. Hopefully this will be a bit shorter or I know for SHURE that my mom wont be reading it. :P

So, last night I set the alarm at 9.00 am so I would get to sleep in. Wakes up at about 5 am, and cant go back to sleep becouse there are atleast two women chatting away in the hallway. FIVE A.M! Is it so bloody hard to go into a room if you want to have a nice long talk? And what the frell could be so important that you need to talk about it 5 A.M? Seriously!
Gah. My room was to cold though, so I couldnt get up and tell them to shut the frell up.

Okay its 9;09 pm here (21.09) and my neck is hurting almost as much as my head, so I'm gonna go to sleep and finish writing this tomorrow. I Dont really need to see the first guest so my convention starts at 1 pm, so I should be able to finish this tomorrow morning. Lets just see if I remember everthing then. Though I can say one thing, Dan Payne is a darling! ^^*


Okey, I'm back! And here we go again!
So not the best way to start the day, but what ever. cant be obsessed about that.

So.. first official day at the convention. And I cant tell you how wonderful it is to be back. My people, my friends, my friends-I-havent-met-yet.. its just amazing. its worth the long frelling trip, no matter how boring it was.

So.. woke up at around 5 am. yeay.. chatty women.. but I got a nice long bath, got dressed and made my make up, found a tv chanel that plays country music(!)
There werent relly anything until 2;30 but I went down around 1 pm, to catch up with Stefan and the others. And check out the merchendise. Soooo little, but always something.
I managed to meet the people I missed the night before, and I also met some new folks. Friends of Ian that aparently spends most of the convention in the bar. Dont really get why they would come all this way to sit in the bar, but what ever works for you, right? So, since theyre always there, I named them the Bar Boys.
They all seemed happy with that actually :)
And Ian.. Ian Brock. My top favorite Aussie. including Claudia Black. He's on the front raw, and he got this really big lense (penisforlangare kommer i olika versioner) and he checked out my camera, shook his head and started fiddling with it. When he was done, that huge lense was on MY camera and he said "Well, you can just hld on to that for the weekend, and You'll get great photos." Did you read that MOM?!
MAMMA! MAMMA! READ THAT PART! Se till att lasa det! DO IT!

See, my mom got one about just like it.. and she refused to borrow it to me. Nice huh. Jag fick till och med lana ett STATIV till ^^*

I just had to give him a kiss. of course, he didnt mind ;)

Then it was time for the first guest of the weekend, David Nkyl. Everyones ADORABLE Dr. Radek Zelenka. The first time he opened his mouth I got so shocked I just sat there with my mouth open. Not only did he not have the chez dialect, he's voice was SO different. Logical, but I've just never heard him of set.. so that was.. weird.
But he was so funny, and so nice ^^*
And of course, with my "new" camera, I got the most amazing pictures ever. You can actually see the faces and stuff that they do! I LOVE IT! I dont wanna give it back! ^^* Ian is definitely getting another kiss.

After that it was time for patrick Currie at 3.15. He plays ChakaA (one of my top favorites from stargate), Fifth and Eamon. Eamon I dont really remember, and fifth. Well, Patrick put it quite nicely when he said "Fifth is so naive and innocent that I kind of feel sorry for him, but at the same time I want to slap him."
But come on, the "mans" a like five year old replicator.
So patrick was really nice and cool, but I didnt buy either a photo op or an autograph with him.

At 4;05 it was time for the first photo op of the weekend, David Nkyl. ^^* Actually turned out alright. and he was so sweet and cute, just like Zelenka. Whenever I see Zelenka I just want to run up and hug him ^^* Shure he's annoying at times, but come on. Compared to RODNEY! Dude!

After that there was patricks photo op and then there was a little intermission before our one, our only, our beloved Dan Payne showed up at 4;45. That guy gets around. He plays three characters on Stargate Atlantis, one on Sanctuary, three on Stargate SG1 and he's also a Lycan in the new Underworld movie. Which got him injured thursday night actually. I feel sorry for him, and I never want to be a stuntman. Or woman. whatever.
But dan is so funny, and he was telling storys and explaining stuff. last time I saw him he was on stage at the same time as Dan Shae, so he didnt really get to say much. Imagine that, right? But this time he was on his own, and he was marvelous. A shining star ^^*
And we got some really good pictures of his but! XD
Frell yeah!

After that there was Mark Burgess, Dr.Franklin on stargate Universe, but i didnt watch that one. I got something to eat instead. Smart move, couse I was getting a bit dizzzzzzzy with the jetlag and lack of sleep and stuff.

At 6;05 it was time for photo ops again, first out Dan Payne and he was SOOO sweet! I got this biiig, biiig hug! ^^* I just LOVE hugs! Arent they the greates?
After that there was mark burgess, once again I skipped that and went up to wait for the autograph sessions at 7;05.

I got to say, I miss chris! Whenever he takes pictures, they are great! I got nothing agains the guy thats here, but Chris is special. And if there's a picture that didnt get so good, and he takes a new one. You get both. With this guy, you just take the one that he thinks was the best. AND it takes about a DAY to print the shit, couse it has to be printed somewhere else. What the hell?
So i couldnt get any of them signed. :(

But I got David to sign both audiobooks, and he really seemed happy that I liked them. And we even had the same favorite ^^*

So after that.. I cant really remember what happened. I think that the others went out to eat. Yeah, they did, and I declined the invitation and went up to my room. Didnt get to bed until 12;30 anyway, but still.. Though.. funny thing was. I was on my way to dreamland, and I could feel the small twitches you get when your dozing off, they woke me up every now and then. And it was such a cozy, nice, tired feeling and I was SO falling asleep. And then it just stoped. I remember thinking, What the frell just happened? It was just gone. and then I didnt sleep for the entire night -.- What's up with that? I didnt sleep at ALL! And I was SOOOO bored!

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