Vancouver 13th April 2011

Okey, first of all I want to wish a big happy birthday to my niece, Melissa. Happy birthday sweetie! Hope you get lots of presents and kisses. (when I'm writing this its actually the 14th)

Okey.. here we go. I'm back in Vancouver and it was suuuch a boring trip. And I got a major headache today. I think it might be the jetlag, becouse I cant even turn my head.

The night began in the best way. Moms cat kept me up :p could have been worse though, and I could have thrown her out so I'm not gonna bitch about that. But the alarm went of att halv past 4, though I didnt manage to crawl out of bed until around five minutes to five. We left for the airport at around 25 past but I managed to take a shower and fix something to eat at the airport.

Couldnt really help the fact that I was a bit nervous. My first time traveling on my own, and I was so nervous that I would miss my flight or something. Dont really care what happens on my way home, as long as I got here alright ^^*
Once there I had about two/three hours and it really wasnt needed. I got checked in all right and the plane was on time, somewhat. The plane took of at 10.25 so it was about ten minutes late. not to bad. We were still 5 minutes early when we landed in Chicago, after about nine hours. Nine really, really boring hours. My tv/thingy didnt work, I could play games and stuff, but the Movie part was "Not available at this moment". Apparently it was a very long moment. a nine hours long moment. And to make things better, the guy sitting next to me was DESPERATE in his efforts to NOT talk to anyone sitting next to him, or getting eyecontact or anything like that. Weirdo.
So I listened to a lot of music, read a lot and wrote a bit.

Once I got to Chicago it was just as easy as it was last time. Go through customs, pick up my bag, check in in again, get onto the train and go all the way to terminal 1, check myself in and then sit down and wait. I did buy something to eat there though. I needed that. Seriously, McKay IS the only one who likes hospital and Airplane food.
But then again, McKay eats about anything. Except for Tofu ;) Of course!
Did meet two swedes though. A woman and her daughter traveling to meet the second daughter who goes to school in Vancouver. So we chatted a little.

After three hours waiting we got on the plane to vancouver and I sat next to a really nice old couple. They got married when she was 19 and they had now been married for 53 years. When I asked how the frell they managed that she smiled, leaned in and said: I ignore him ALOT.
What the frell? Always when you ask old people about stuff like that they answer weirdly. "Cheat alot", "Dont eat together", "Dont sleep together" and now "Ignore them". Perhaps marriage isnt quite what like I imagined :P
But they were really nice, and she had Pringles that she offered me. Anyone who shares chips or sweets gets an OK-brand ^^*

Once in vancouver I got onto the Skytrain. that wasnt much of a "sky"train really. Most of the time it was like a subway, couse it went underground. The cabfair for Stefan was about 35 or 45, cant rememeber what he said. I did have to change trains once, but it only cost me a little under 8 C-dollars. So.. easy choise :P
I'm still gonna take a cab TO the airport though, couse I want to be on time, its really early so I'll be tired and I dont know how often the skytrains run that early in the mornings. So cab it is then.

Once I was checked in at the hotel, showered and found Stefan at the bar it was about 8.30 pm lokal time, and we talked a little before we went over to registration. Met most of my friends the first night, just Ian and Billie that was hiding. Ian claims he was already to drunk at the time and Billie.. I dont really know. She didnt say :P

But we got registraded and got a small, cute little SG1 cup and also bought two more autographs, David Nykl and Paul McGillion. Since I could'nt decide which audiobook to get signed, I'm just gonna have both signed.

Met up with paul and michelle who got here by car, about 13 hours drive if I remember correctly and they were a bit tired. To make things worse the hotel was overbooked so they didnt get theyre room. Instead the hotel payed for a night at a different hotel and drove them over there. We chatted for a while at the bar, and I shared my Daim with everyone ^^* They loved it. More Daim to the people!
Well after the bar we more or less gave in and went to our rooms. After 30 minutes in the bathtub my eyelids kept falling down so I gave in as well and went to sleep at about 11.30 pm. (23.30 for you folks back home)

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