vancouver 15th April

So.. once again.. lack of sleep. I waited until a kvarter to eight, and then I got up to floor 14 and knocked on stefans door. he was awake though. Good. or else he would have bitten me or something. Though, that's not necceserely a bad thing... ;)
I wonder if Alexis really would have done it for a smaller sum of cash ^^*
*dream of*

Anyway, so he was gonna look me up that morning, couse we had gotten an invitation to meet the others for breakfast at the bar at nine, so we went down, met with the group and got to eating. And I mean EATING. DUDE! I've NEVER seen people eat that much for breakfast. or any meal! Seriously. Theire breakfast was more food that I eat in a DAY!

Today was a slow and soft day, things didnt really start for me until 1 pm, couse Alex Zahara was up first at half past 12 so I just took it easy, actually going through how much money I had. WOW. I had alot. so I started writing down how many photo ops from prevoius conventions I had that I wanted sighned and how many extra autograph tickets I needed. It was a whole bunch. And just for the fun of it, and since I had the cash for it, I bought an extra photo op with bout McGillion and J.R. Come on, two of my favorit boys, and its the first time I meet them. Since I got Ninni on all of the Photo Ops at this convention I Figured that I could take one photo without her and just do a hug or cuddle photo or something. ^^*

So. 1pm. The one, the adorable, the WONDERFUL storyteller Andee Frizzell. I'm gonna do her friend a favor and post a blog post called "Andee Frizzell Vancouver HAHAHAHAHA". Apparently there are LOTS of photos of Andee doing weird stuff while she's telling her storys, and her friend spends alot of time looking for them and sending them to Andee in an email where the subject is always "HAHAHAHAHA".
So, I'm gonna make it easier for her. And just because Andee told us that, I made shure only to take photos where she was making weird faces XD
I'm shure that she's gonna love me ;P
She was adorable, and I just dont get why she thinks that we want her to shut up or just talk less. The best thing with seeing her is hearing her storys and SEE her storys when she's doing all those weird stuff. I love it.
And Andee, you need to speak up a bit more girl ;)
And stay away from Traditional Chinese Massages. Gosh, I love that story XD

after a short Stump the Experts game there was time for Andees photo op, and since we were talking vampires on stage (TWILIGHT SUCKS!) and she said that she always wanted to play a vampire, and since I consider wraiths to BE vampires, I asked her if she could just pretend to bite my neck. I was considering just walking up to her with this bitchy attitude and say "Bite me!", but she got so caught up in my outfit at started giving me compliments that the bitch in me got pushed to side by the little girl in me ;)
But she did, and she laughed so much when I asked her to do that. My second request. WHOHO!

After that there was an photo op with Alex Zahara, which I didnt do either. And then it was time for Alexis Cruz who plays Skaara and Klorel and appears in both SG1 and the ORIGINAL stargate movie. Oh he was so adorable, and he absolutely does NOT look his age.
I loved him, and he told us a whole bunch of stories from both the sg1 set and the Original movie set. He was really funny, and again. IAN! You rock!
My pictures are AWESOME! And I fill the camera up in little under a day XD
God, I'm gonna LOVE making this scrapbook album.
Oh yeah, I got to tell you guys about his t-shirt. most of this day was about that t-shirt. It was the most gorgeous star wars tshirt I've EVER seen. love it. it had darth vader, stormtroopers and roses. Does it get any better? Really?

So after that, where now at 3;25 it was time for his photo op. So I walk up to him, and he shakes my hand and gives me a hug and I just tugg slightly on his sweather and says "Do you think that you could take this off? I really love your t-shirt."
Well duh, the photo ops are purely fan-servies so off the sweather goes. XD And I get my shot, thanks him and walks out of there. Grabbing my stuff and leaving the room I tosses my hair over my shoulder and looks at my friends further back in the line and say " I got Alexis Cruz to strip."
The whole line burst out into laughter and tries to look into the room. I dont know what they expected. That he would be naked? XD
Ey, He might not have gotten nude, but a sweather less is a sweather less. Hence, I got him to strip. I'm so awesome. ^^* Have I ever told you guys that I LOVE the conventions? I did? Oh..

So.. 4.05 its time for the first auction for the weekend, and as usual I was SOO aching to bid, but.. Dude. If you dont know what the money is worht, you really shouldnt be bidding. its just that easy :P So I behaved. But GOD there were some really awesome posters and an actionfigure that I would have wanted.

at 4.50 it was time for the adorable Kavan Smith. Oh boy, he's a cutie. and so nice. He also told us bunch of stories. About his dad and how they didnt really get along. But then he began sharing stories of his childhood and all the stuff he did. And I really, really cant blame his dad for being a little.. cranky at him. Dude, Kavan sorta makes my brothers look like angels XD Though Kavan DID mean well, and he never TRIED to get into trouble, unlike my bros so.
He also told us that he had been taken aside by the teachers at his sons kindergarden becouse there was a problem. You see, his son had used a bad word. He said.. Badass.
Kavan was like.. What? Thats IT? I got this really awesome face thats supposedly the expression he got when they told him that. And it was just.. sheesh, he's a really good story teller. Not as good as Andee perhaps couse she actually did some more stuff. Though he did sort of got up and show what he did when he was suppose to pretend to have sex with someone at a take XD

they had something new at the conventions. Group shots of all of the guests of the day and you. which was sorts of cool, I guess.. but, I didnt do those either.
So I waited until 6.15 and got my photo with him and girl, I'm gonna tell you this: Kavan is such a god hugger ;)

Then it was time for autographs at 6.30 and I was soo happy that my Andee photo op was actually done, so I managed to get her to sign that. And the photos from last year, both in vancouver and Los Angeles. And she though it was so funny. "Oh, look! I can see my hair growing!"
I had her write Twilight Sucks on one of the photos ^^* and I swear, everyone in the line behind me, aswell as the guys guarding her, cheered. Everyone loved that XD

After that I got my Alexis photo signed. And I was so pissed, couse the photo op wasnt finished and all they had was this really blurry picture of Klorel. Bad, BAD Creation Ent. They should be able to get good photos.
So after that I got in line for Evans autograph, and I noticed that the guy in front of me, Barry, had HIS photo op with Alexis. Aparently they WERE done. And Alexis was leaving. and the ticket vendor was closed. And I panicked. I managed to get Alexis to wait for me, RAN down to the next floor for my photo op, cought the guy as he was leaving and freaked again. But he did unpack it for me so I could get the picture. Thanked him, RAN back upstairs and you guys need to realise that I was in a LOOOON skirt and high heels. you do NOT run in either. Good, I though that I was gonna brake an ankle or two. When I got back I found out that one of the regulars had actullay manage to sweet talk the girls into letting me just pay up front for a autograph since I didnt have a ticket and I got my autograph! I was SOOOO happy. He made shure NOT to write on the T-shirt. XD
And its my favorite photo op, couse I look GREAT! We both do. SOO, SOO great,
He's such a sweetie. And he got those gorgeous, gorgeous eyes that always gets me into trouble. ;P

After that it was time for the cabaret with Andee and Alexis. Andee, once again told some amazing stories and stuff and Alexis.. WOW. Omg, Alexis.. Well, these guys are actors. So he did an act. He was a bustboys. Alejandro. Who LOVES women. And the women loves him. So he came on the stage with black pants, white shirt and a flower in each hand, and one in his mouth. Did a little showin off and then began tossing the flowers to the audience. And then he began taking out more flowers.
For example. Oh my gooddness, he unzipped his pants and pulled out a flower and tossed it to the audience XD
Then Alejandro began telling us a tale. A tale of this amazing woman that he met, made love with and got his heart broken by. (A macho sometimes wounds, and a macho sometimes gets wounded.) And. he actually did it all on stage. Hence, I have pictures of Alexis Cruz, pretending to have sex on stage. And oh my lordy, Kavan could shure take some lessons from him. GOD! I probably looked like a tomato and the audience spent most of the time gasping for air and laughing so much they could take photos. I was not the only one getting shaky pictures there. Oh shit.\
And then he pulled out a puppet. The psychic monkey and pulled up a girl, Julie, from the audience and messed around with her. And.. that guy it just great, and after the EXTREMELY charming Alejandro on stage, I knew what I was going to dream about that night.

at 10.30 it was time for the karaoke. We didnt go right away, instead we spent some time at Paul and Michelles room (interesting how Paul always manages to get me into their room ;P) and they had some pie and talked for a while. No one else where going to the karaoke, but Clay and Barry actually went down with me and talked to some friends or something before they retreated to their nice and QUIET rooms. Gosh, some of those guys were aweful. One girl was really close to making me drop my drink.
Yeah, I had drinks. Liam bought me rom and coke. or rum and coke, what ever. I could drink it. :P

And.. Alexis was there. but I didnt really want to bother him, so I asked Liam if he would be willing to do me a favor and ask Alexis where and when he bought the shirt, couse I couldnt find it online and was getting worried that it was out of print. So he walks over there, and I'm sort of hiding behind the other Bar Boys in the bar and when I glances over there Alexis has got this amused smile and is shaking his head and then he looks over at me and Liam comes back. Apparently, when he figured out that I was the one wanting to know he refused to talk to Liam and he had to pull me over there. Gosh I didnt want to go. I was nervous and there were a few other people that had been talking to him and they were still there. They were there the entire night. -.-
When I DID get over to Alexis he leaned forward with a smile and he said "I dont bite". Then Liam leans in and says "No, that costs extra." XD Omg, I was to nervous to actually register what he said, or else I would have laughed SO bad. Omg. Liam!

Anyway, we talked about the shirt, and it was a few years ago that he bought it, and I told him that I hadnt found it online. I told him that they guys had said that I could just steal the t-shirt from him. Not that either I or Alexis understood quite hos I was gonna be able to do that. I mean, he was WEARING it. So one of the guys standing next to him said that I could just hit him in the head with a frying pan XD For you guys thats just weird, but for us that say his alejandro and monkey act it was an awesome comment! But I actually got a whole group of voluntairs now that are willing to hold him down while I steal the shirt. THEN we can talk about making him strip XD

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