Vancouver 16th April

Saturday. The day that started off sooooo good. Seriously! It cant possibly get better.
"Alejandro" on stage and Alexis at the bar. Guess who I dreamt about?

Still woke up a few minutes before five and spent most of the first hour watching the tvchannel that played Country music. Wonderful way to wake up.
Took a shower, got dressed, put on my face and then went down to the lobby to use the computer for a while. Played around on facebook and wrote on my blog for a while.
Then, my day got even better. I hadnt met anyone yet, everyone was probably asleep still, so as I went to the elevater to get back up the person walking out was the first I met that day. Just.. Imagine this: the doors open and Alexis walks out. I moost have looked.. I´m not even gonna think about that :P

But I can tell you that I was really close to saying the first thing that popped into my head. Which was "Oh, shit!".
I dont know what he would have thought about that. But he was the first person I met that morning, and the first thing I heard was pretty much "Oh, you look so cute".
Seriously! Could there BE a better way to start off a day? That was awesome.
Heactually stayed and talked with me for a while. And he showed off his new t-shirt. A marvel one. It was cool too, but the other one had roses. ^^* And I am a girl after all.
I ran into him two more times this day :P

After that I went upstairs to see if anyone was awake. I had barely walked into the bar/restaurant area when one of the waiters popped up and said: One of your friends are sitting in the back of the restaurant.
Shure, I do stick out alot, but do they keep an eye on all of my friends aswell?
So, I allowed him to lead me to Ian and I had some fruit for breakfast. I love watermellon. its... wonderful! ^^* Cant help it, its one of my favorite things.

After a while the others popped up and I got to tell them about my wonderful morning ^^* Then I left for my room to get back up and "glue some stuff to my face".
First time they´ve heard that, I assure you.

At 10.30 we were back in the theater and waiting for the intimidatin Robert David. And he was such a sweetie! A handsome sweetie ^^* I knew about Kolya of course, and I knew about the Bond movie. However I did not know about the others. So hearing him talk about Sinatra was alot of fun and all of his stories about his "Prank-war" with arnold schwarzenegger still makes me smile. The toothpicks, the paper-and-soap-assault, the exploding cigar. Not so sure that I would have dared to do anything like that to Schwarzenegger though :P Robert is a far braver human than I am.
But it was fun. Alot of fun, and it was so nice having him there and I shure hope that he will come back for other con´s.
He also told us about his latest project. Sining. Singing Sinatra to be precise. And doing it really good! Seriously, he should have sang something for us. Anything. Just a chorus or something so we could actually realise how amazing his voice is. Its perfect for those kinds of songs.

Here´s the link for a site where you can have a taste of his voice.
Of course the first song I listened to was Witchcraft. Imagine that. I listened, and I just melted. I would LOVE to be able to go and listen to a performance by him. Just amazing. Even mom turned down the tv and said "Hey, thats really good."
So check it out boys and girls.


Then it was time for the photo op with Davi. Since I´ve always loved Kolya (dont ask, one of those things I cant explain. Probably the whole bad-guy-thingy mixed with doing-everything-for-his-people-thingy.) I decided that I should wear my Military inspired Lolidress and it worked like a charm. He LOVED It! ^^*
I could have been happier and we turned out really nice on the photo. And he liked Ninni-chan too! ^^* Best possible outcome.

So after that I caught up with some of my new friends, Liam and Lisa. Lisa is adorable. She is one of the cutest girls I´ve ever seen and shes from Germany. It was her first con so she lost her virginity with us in Vancouver ;) There atually seemed to be alot a virgins this year. I love that.
The girl from norway was new there too.
When I finaly managed to find her, trying to breath after her first photo op at her first con, I asked her friends if she was the norweigan girl and got a slightly weird look and a yes. I walked over to her and said "Hej, mitt namn är Kicki, jag är från sverige. Ta några djupa andetag."
Basicly telling her to breath deeper :P It helped and she seemed to be really happy to be allowed to geek off in her native language. Seemed to calm her down. And watching her brought back soooo many sweet memories from my first con. Though now I´m off track. I think. I dont remember what day I managed to find her. Could very well have been saturday. or friday XD Oh, I just dont know. I´m just gonna go ahead and decide that I met her on saturday. There you have it!

Then it was time for the costume contest. I swear, one of these days I am going to attend. But I´ll need another suitcase for that XD
But I still like watching it. And I had to see Ian. Ian in his trekkie uniform. At a stargat con. XD Love that.

at 1:30 it was time for the photo op with Hewlett. I think its so nice of him to dress so that he will match me ;) Really polite of him, me thinks.
But the picture turned out really good. And he loved Ninni ^^*
And his face.. just so Adorkable ^^* He had that face as Patric in A dogs breakfast.

And then it was time for what I´ve spent most of the past year waiting for. Paul McGillion! Our beloved scottish doctor himself. Alive and well.
And Married. Oh ladie, you shouldnt tell fangirls stuff like that.
Paul: .. and most importantly, I got married.
Girl next to me: DAMMIT!
I concur, sister. I concur. XD
Paul, David and Joe all got some alone time with the fans and then there was a panel. and you should be proud! I actually got up to the microphone and asked a question this year again. I wasnt as pale, and I was shaking a little less. (LITTLE less) but my heart was beating so hard and when I was actually up there I was stupid enough to look out over the room, something I didnt do last year. And THEN I almost passed out. Holy shit that place was crouded. Dear Goddess!
But I asked my question, and I even had Dan come up and stand next to me. I dont have any idea if he know how much that calmed me down, but there he was. So I managed to asked the question and then I made my way back to my seat, sat down and my mind was a blank. I had no IDEA what the hell he answered >< What I do know is that Ian took photos of me standing by the mic. -.- yeay..


So, I had to find someone who could actually remember what he said. Aparently Paul now have a huge respect to women who walks in highheels. And his "favorit" moment was standing in the mud, in the rain, holding an umbrella over the naked David Hewlett laying in the mud :P
Oh yeah, after the.. passionated kiss they shared in Atlantis, I bet he loved that.
And his dad seemed to love seeing him as a bitchy feemale cop :P

but it was fun seeing all three of them together.. really fun. and when they were getting reddy to leave, they stood at the front, arms around eachother and posed for photos. And I´m SOO pissed that my moms camera dont get along with me.. it never takes photos when I want to =when I push the button. bloody meanie..
I MISSED when Paul tried to kiss Joe! Wtf? >< Damn camera.
But I did get a photo of Paul laughing and Joe making faces.
I wonder if David got jealous..? :P

then there were some contests, and the photo op with joe so I had a little break until 5:30 when it was time for the atlantis goup photo op. Oh, dear. I wish I hadnt done that one.. gosh.. I dont know if you guys know, but I have a problem with crouds. one of the reasons I mostly wait outside the theater until the lines for the autographs have dissapeared. But I got in line, with Stefan. And it was going ok. For those of you who havent been there, the hallway outside the photoop room is reaaaly not wide. hell no.
So we were lining up for the groupshot, and then they began lining up for McGillion on the other side of the hallway.. what the frell? I began looking a bit pale and had to focus on breathing. I do know that all of a sudden, Michelle showed up and planted a big one on my cheek, but thats about it. Apparently people had tried talking to me, but didnt get an respons. I dont even remeber anyone trying to communicate with me at all. I felt like crap. My heart was beating so hard, my head was spinning and I had to focus on playing music in my head so I wouldnt pass out, run off or just scream something.
So it felt like we were in line a looong time.. and like we were barely inline at all. its weird, and I dont like to dwell on it.. *shivers*
Anyway.. We managed to get inside, and i had my back to the actors why trying to pull myself together and put my gameface on. When I did, I turned back towards them and started talking a little with the guy infront of me, I think it was James actually.. Then Stefan leans forward and hisses in my ear: Joe Flanigan TOTALY checked you out! .. way what? I must have looked like a questionmark and glanced at the group. Joe did glance ALOT at me, but I´m not shure that means he checked me out.. I mean, My clothes DO stand out a little bit.. Perhaps he was actually thinking "Who´s the freak" or "Who lost theire doll?" :P
But I got my photo with them, and I got to stand between David and Paul, and Joe just grabbed Ninni ^^* He really seemed facinated by her :P
After my photo, Stefan joined us and I took Ninni back and moved to stand between Joe and Paul. that photo turned out really good too ^^*
Though stefan got that one :P I bought the JPEG.

there was supposed to be a dinner break between the group shot and the mcgillion photo op, but as allways.. running a little behind. So we just got in line again. :P
Well, actually I was sitting outside the hallway to get some air, and just waited until the line was gone.
Since it was paul, and I hadnt had any photos with him earlier and had som extra money, I bought two photo op tickets. One with just me and him and then I had Stefan toss Ninni to me. And the photo of the three of us turned out great! if you got me on facebook, you will have seen it as my profile photo, and its also the picture I now have on my new credit card. ^^*

then it was time for the autographs.. ^^* And I really wasnt feeling well.. Spent alot of time, just sitting outise the theater and trying to breath. Lisa kept me company for most of the time, and both Mike and Stephanie joined us later on. They tried to make me join them for the dessert party. Though I didnt really want to go, since I was so dizzy and nauseous. Gosh. I got Hewletts autograph first, and had him sign three photos. He asked me if I brought every photo out there.. Apparently he doesnt know how many photos there actually are of him :P
But I had the photo op from last year, and I managed to get the photo op from this year too. And a Atlantis groupshot photo that Joe signed last year. So I had him write Adorkable on the one from this year, and Snarcastic on the one from last year. He loved that. ^^* I also got to ask him about his movie. Last year he told me that they had plans on selling it in sweden and that it was just put on ice, but he would get that project started again for me ^^* And the movie exists on discshop.se, but you cant boy it.. or prebook it.. you can just.. see the cover :P And ask about it.. which I´ve done, to no use.. -.-'
So I asked him, reminded him what he said last year. And he looked so.. depressed, and a little like a kid who´s gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar :P Cute, as always. But apparently he´s done everything he can. MGM has no further interest in actually selling it in sweden. So I had to try some other way. Gonna have one of my friends by it for me and ship it by mail to sweden. that should work, if they just tell me how much money they want. So I wont be able to buy it here. But he did try for me, and that means alot. Shure, he wants to sell his movie, but still. He tried to get it here for me.. I´ll always remember that ^^*
I waited until Davi´s line was almost gone, and then I went over there and joined the few straddlers that were left. Its so weird, couse he looks sooooo scary and intimidating in like, all of his roles. And he´s such a sweetie. and I´ve never felt so welcome at an autograph table. When there was two girls infront of me, he looked up at the girl getting the autograph, said hi and smiled you know like they do. And then he glanced around the room and saw me. And got this HUGE smile and sparkle in his eyes and he says: Oh, THERE you are!
I blinked a bit surprised and smiled back and then stood there wondering.. What the frell? had he been waiting for me? That was awesome. It actually sounded as if he was getting worried I wouldnt show. Sticking out is good sometimes.. ^^^*
Then I got Joe´s autograph, and he actually spelled my name right this time. I had a few old photo ops I wanted signed by him.

And then it was time for the dessert party. I actually went and sat with mike and his team, Lisa and her dad joined us. Of course I would have prefered to sit with michelle but their table looked so crouded. well, theire tables rather.. they had two :P And I was just there for Alexis. when I told mike that, it got really quiet and he´s like: In that case I feel so sorry for you.
Oh shit.. I didnt like the sound of that. "Why´s that?" -Couse he´s not coming.
say what? >< Apparently he hadnt known about the dessert party. Mike ran into him inthe hallways, and said that he thought it was awesome Alexis was gonna come to the party. Alexis just looked at him: What party? My plane leaves at six.
oh frell..
So I decided to take off and try to get some rest instead. And ran into Christopher Judge leaving the bar and leaving a verry confused McGillion behind him. I got to talk to Paul a little, then excused myself and left for the elevators. Where I had to wait since Judge was standing there with two police officers. One on each side, they looked like wanna be bodyguards. and they were like a head shorter than him :P It was the same cops that had been scouting the area outside of the theater, so I dont know.. But it was so weird, couse aparently Judge had said one floor first, and then he realised it was the wrong one and told them. Then one of the cops reports that into a walkie talkie.. .. ehm.. ok? Felt like a B movie..
So I was one of very few people who got to see Judge that night, since he didnt show up for the con.
so.. Now I´m not allowed to walk in the hallways on my own, since I keep running into the guests :P

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