Finding Neverland (2004)

Once again I´ve watched a movie that I know nothing about, this time because I love bedtime stories and the stories that we used to tell our children.

Must say that I didnt quite like the beginning. I was just bored, and really temted to turn it off. I dont know why, I´d just watched for about 15 miutes, but I still wanted to turn it off. Shure, I had no idea what to expect, but I dont know where to boredome came from.

Though I did like the dialects and the language. Did I say like? I meant Love. I´m a sucker for the olden english we dont really get to hear these days.
So polite to.
But they did have me at the dancing bear/dog Phortos! well, they sort of had me as soon as Depp´s carater began talking with the children.

There really should be more people like James Barrie in the world, people with imagination the way it should be. I would love it if I got to have someone like that around my own children.

This was a story about imagination, fantasies and friendship. Friendship between two adults as well as between a man and a group of children.
It was beautiful, sad and had a depth to it that appealed to me. Simple love, yet nothing that was ever anything else but proper.

Time is such a little thing really. Worthless and useless, yet we always seems to have so little of it.
We rearely realise how much time can mean, until the time to act have already passed. How little of our time it takes to help and heal others.

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Interesting! ;-) A few bits of new discovery about you.