Wedding Wars (2006)

First thing first: seeing Sean Maher made me want to watch firefly again.
Secondly: this movie is just so adorable!

Wedding Wars is brilliant movie that touches me. I do not know if it is because I am bisexual or because its just that good. There´s romance, sweet, cute, romance both between a man and his woman, and a man and his man.
The movie is tagged as a comedy, and I can really see that because there is alot of humor in it, but there is still so much more to it.

It is the real fight. The fight for whats right. The fight to give gay people the right to marry. Everyone should be allowed to share theire life in the eyes of the law. Simply living togehter is not enough. The same goes for heterosexual couples. If you are not married, you dont have rights to anything. If one where to die, the other gets nothing, home, pets, money, children of the the partner.
So the fight in the movie is the real one.
Sugercoated like hell of course, but still the real fight.
A sugercoated fight. And I love sugar

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