Splice (2009)

So, once again I´ve been a cute little nerd and had a videonight with a movie I knew nothing about. his time it was David Hewlett that led me to a movie.

And I can say that he still says "sorry" in that cute canadian way.

The movie was Splice. A drama/thriller/scifi movie from 2009.

It was morbid. Morbid beyond morbid.

I´ve had quite a few friends, like Karl Krantz, with a love for morbid when it comes to movies/shows and music. I´d say this one is right up his alley.

I think the movie as pretty well done, Dren was beautiful through out the whole movie, except for the first version when she was born. not so pretty, just weird. Other than that, and her final evolution, I found her very beautiful and well made. And the interacting between her and the actors was great.

So the special effects gets a thumbs up from me.

The movie was real. Like, REAL, real. Frightening, weird, disqusting and intriguing in a freaky way. Dren ended up with a pretty messed up couple, but they were still scientists. Scientist have always been scary. Scientists going to the extreme for money or glory - or plain old curiosity. Moral and life gets thrown out the window,gets deemed as worthless. SInce Tv4Film seems to have gone on a Jurassic Park rampage, the one quote tha comes to mind is "This is how you play God."

The most frighteing part of Splice must be that we will most likely end up there, in that situation where moral, and life itself means nothing.

A situation where life is meaningless. Most likely in a not to distant future.

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