My first trip to the UK - Day one, Thursday

I spent an awful lot of time preparing for the UK. far more so than Chicago. I had a special notebook with all the stores and castles and museums that I wanted to see. And a map. A map over London where I marked it all out. Green for stores and blue for museums. Bloody brilliant! That way I could plan what part of the city I was going to this time. So it was a very good idea. I gotta pat myself on the shoulder for that. An even better idea would have been to actually bring it with me.. Alas, it is still at home. All good though. I phones my mom and had her take photos of the list and send them to me ^^*
So there I was, on a plane to the UK, after only two days in Sweden. I cant say I'm looking forward to going back and heading back to work.. .

The trip was okay. I mean, it wasn't high class, it was cheap, that's why I could afford it. but It was all right. and it was only about two hours and 20 minutes. so it was all good. I got through security.. well, not quickly cause there was ridiculously many people trying to get in to the UK, but I did get through. and I got my luggage right away. Interesting thing about my luggage. I could actually fit basically everything except for my makeup bag in the carry on luggage. Which I then put in the suitcase. so all I really had to carry around at the airport was my purse. So much easier. and lots, and lots of room for the things I'm going to buy ^^

Rich asked me to send a text when I got my bag so that he could "stop snoozing over his coffee" and start looking for me. So that's what I did. "Wake up, dude. The bitch is in the UK." It seemed to work cause he was waiting as soon as I got through customs.

Crazy car trip back to Uckfield (Yes, I do agree with Elin. British people drive ridiculously fast) and I got to see Bryony again. So lovely. And I have managed to get by on my English pretty good. So far people seem to understand me most of the time. nice afternoon, some grocery shopping, talking, feeding the neighbors cat ;) Then it was time for bed. fairly early for me but I was rather tired. I have been quite busy the last week after all.

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