#SGCHI Stargate Convention in Chicgo Day 1 Thursday

Those of you who knows me knows that Im a very organized person. So naturally, I hadn't even started packing the day before I was supposed to leave sweden. I did finish.. sort of on time. I mean, I wasn't late to the flight or anything. At midnight I figured that I might have to give it a rest and go to sleep since I was supposed to get up at four. So.. naturally, I stayed up for another 40 minutes. I know, Im so freakin bad. When I was going to my first con I was packed almost a week before I was supposed to leave. This is so bad…

I did get out of bed on time, finished the last of the packing and chores, had breakfast and cuddled with my cat before mom showed up to drive me to the airport. a very interesting flight. I was bouncing the entire trip. Mom probably thought that I was sooo annoying. In other words, all was normal.

Once at the airport I went all Hobbit and had a second breakfast before I headed for the Gate to wait for Cora. A sweet german chick with just the right kind of attitude. We booked our tickets several months apart and didn't really talk to each other about it, and yet, we manage to end up going on the same day, same flight and on the same row. There was ONE seat between us. How about that? Thats amazing.
The guy who had that seat didn't have a problem swapping with me, so all was good.. We geeked out for a bit, probably freaking everyone else out and then we tried to keep ourselves entertained. for over 9 freaking hours.
Music, some sleeping, cross stitching, watching supernatural conventions, complaining about the food, the service.. you know, basic things. Cora really, really wasn't happy with the company we were using. Im swedish, so Im kind of used to crappy service.

When we got to the airport we were so tired. made a really, really quick stop at the ladies room before going through security. I was a bit surprised at how fast we got through that. but apparently not fast enough. once we got out our bags weren't there. they had already been taken away because no one claimed that and no one could tell us where to freaking find them! seriously! everyone kept saying that it wasn't their department. fat good of help they were.. freaking O'Hare. eventually, after at least an hour of stumbling around asking questions that didn't get answered we managed to find them. we were so ready to go to the hotel so we went to call for a shuttle to pick us up. last year they just lent me a phone at the reception. this year we got a little not with the number and they pointed out where the pay phones were. and the pay phones MIGHT even take credit card. we didn't have any freaking money. at least not in that currency. so we decided to drag out heavy bags with us to a different part of the airport where the shuttle showed up without you having to call. it was quite a walk and my little feet where so tired and fed up with that shit. once we got there however, we had our first trike of luck. we arrived just as the shuttle was going to leave. the driver was really sweet and just got back out and helped us with our bags. by then, my only thought was "I want to go home." because I was so sick of all the problems with the airline and the luggage and O'Hare.

that changed once we got to the hotel though. Both my lovely roommates were waiting for me and I also met an old friend from precious cons and hearing the wonderful, wonderful scottish accent after a day like that was just heavenly.

Now this is the problem with me not bringing my laptop and writing this down right away. I´m getting old, so my memory sucks. And I just to have so much potential.. or something like that.

I´m pretty shure I just spent the rest of the day at the room with my roommates unpacking and talking, but you know.. the memory thing and then there´s.. Oh! Squirrel!

Once I was unpacked I ironed my dresses and then I took a bath. I do love bathtubs, I really, really do and I wish I could fit one into my bathroom. After that I was sooo, soo tired. Id been up for so long so I just got into my huuuge bed and fell asleep, despite the fact that the others was still up and about. normally I have trouble sleeping in new places and with new people but I don't even remember finishing the first song on the MP3 player.

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