#SGCHI Stargate Convention in Chicago Day 2 Friday

I totaly forgot to set my alarm when I went to sleep, but fortunately I have two roommates, one who likes to take a long bath in the morning so he actually gets up a bit earlier so that he has the time for that. Which means I woke up when he got up. That works just fine by me. I just snoozed until I actually had to get up and get ready. I hadnt really planned the clothes thing the way I usually do, I just knew that I was going to wear my Ba´al dress during my photo op with Cliff, but eventually I decided on the sailor dress. The new one. All cute and fluffy. That might have been the sentence I used the most during the con. "Its so fluffy!" I do loooooooove the frilly skirts.

I did bring a whole lot of candy for the con and used alot of it to "pay" for my room and the rest I split up in different piles, one for each person who asked for candy. The registration went as usuall, I ran into a whole bunch of people that I knew. Lots of hugs and kisses and squeels from me. I even managed to run in my heals! I also brought a gift for one of my favorite people. I asked her for her favorite Doctor Who quote and ended up making my very first cross stitch pattern. I did mess it up a bit, so I might end up making her a new one. We´ll see. Since I didnt want her to be forced to run around with it all day I went down to the lobby and called them to get theire room number before I ran upstairs for my hugs. They had brought a gift for me as well. First of all I gotta mention the bag it came in. One of those fabric-bags with a print on it, kinda cute and old fashioned looking but I didnt really think about what it said until later that night. Nancy Drew. I loved those books as a kid! But in sweden her name isnt Nancy and the books aint called Nancy Drew. In sweden her name is Kitty Drew (I have no idea why, because that is not a swedish name) and the books are refered to as Kitty books. But in the bag. Oh. My. Gods. It was a beautiful, wonderful book about Nikola Tesla!! These people know me so well!

We went through the vendors room and I picked up a whole bunch of SG novels. Apparently they reprinted the onces who had been out of print for so long. I´m glad I didnt buy the few I found online becouse the prices were freaking ridiculous. I didnt really find anything else that I wanted in there thought.

The panels were Gary Chalk, Alex Zahara & Dan Payne, Gary Jones and Tony Amendola. All good fun. Some great stories, questions and Oh! Squirrel!

And Gary had a treat for us! He actually got to keep his uniform from SG and he brought it with him! He wore that in the photo ops!!

Of course I ended up doing both the single photo ops as well as the Duo with Dan and Alex. Alex decided to goof of. Really, really goof off. I paid for one photo op, but I ended up with three. I had no idea what he was doing but after the last one he said "I´m so sorry, that was dirty". Can you imagine how freaking much I wanted to see what the heck he did?! And they turned out AWESOME! And Dan is so much fun. Always so funny and always so kind and gentle.   

I got adopted by, like, four new people this year and I also got a new babysitter. One who didn't seem quite fond of my eating habit (or lack of) during the cons so he insisted on feeding me. Apparently the americans make pretty wicked salads, not just pizza. 

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