SGCHI Stargate Convention in Chicago Post-Con

The trip home was.. interesting. Once again, Cora and I ended up sitting right next to each other but now SHE was the one acting like a giggly five year old. Sometimes I almost thought that she was hiding a wine bottle in her bag or something. It was different, and extremely entertaining.

But it was still a long trip. A very long trip. Once we got back home, Me, Cora and the Ninth Doctor, it was time to say one last goodbye. Cora had to get on her plane to Frankfurt and I had to get my luggage and go home.

Which was easier said then done. I got my bag right away but I couldn't really get out of the airport. they rebuilt it and they apparently forgot to put up decent signs. I could get out of the freaking airport! Seriously! What the heck?!?!

So that went a little so-so.. But it worked out eventually. I found mom, get in to the car and got home, after a few stops along the way.

Once I got home it was about 11 am Swedish time, 5 am american time. I was sooo freaking tired. Tried to stay up but after a warm shower I dozed off on the couch. Woke up and let the kitty in, who was sooooo trilled to see me after five days, and then we both cuddled an slept on the couch until it was time to go to bed and cuddle there. It was quite clear that she had missed me, because she spent all night sleeping in the bed with me. Usually she sleeps in her own bed, but she had missed me.

The next day I basically spent packing for the UK trip. There was a slight hiccup and one of my friends ended up taking me to the airport instead of my dad. But it worked out fine :)

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