#SGCHI Stargate Convention in Chicago Day 4 Sunday

Sunday. What did I do on sunday? I woke up fairly early and atleast attempted to clean up my side of the room a bit. well, at least I was going to attempt it. I swear!

I got all dolled up and got down in time for my photo op with Teryl. After that I was mostly just floating around with everyone until it was time for photo ops with Alex (I got one normal one and one.. .. brilliant one!), the duo and a picture with Dan! ^^ I headed up and got them signed, and Alex signed the three ones from Friday as well, and then it was time for Connor Trinneer's panel. One thing that really stood out was when someone asked if he did anything else "artsy" besides action. music, painting and such. He answered somewhere along the line of "Reading is an art". So I ran upstairs, got two books from my room, and got an awesome photo op with him where we are reading back to back. I really think its the best photo of me that I have. You know, since I'm in my natural element. ^^* So I love it, thank you Connor!

Once again I hung out with my friends for a while, got some more pictures of us together, and of course I tried to get as many hugs as possible since I wont be seeing them or getting all that many hugs for an entire year.. Then it was time for Michael Shank's panel. Always good fun, and he does make the best "thinking" faces. I did end up sitting at row D, since two of my friends where not going to use their seats. Bloody brilliant!!

After that we got down to get in line for Michael's photo op. The line was ridiculous, much like Jason's. However... while I was in line two of my friends came up and told me they were leaving. Great. perfect timing. I was gonna cry during my photo op with Michael. just perfect. Though one of them did take care of that. I was wearing my new corset during the weekend and it does have this teeny, tiny pocket. its adorable, but you cant really fit anything in it. but its adorable.Just as a joke, and because he has that kind of humor, I told him that I could always fit a condom. So what does he do? He gets a freaking condom and, apparently, spends the weekend trying to put it in my pockets. So there we are, standing in line, at least 100 people behind me and about half of that in front of me and he stretches out his hand and tries to give me a condom. Oh. My. Goddess. Seriously?! So he got me laughing in stead, so I did manage to get through the photo op. After the photo op it was time for Teryl Rothery to hit the stage. and for another friend, and his lovely girlfriend, to say goodbye. Since they left I got to sit next to one of my friends on row C. See, I kept advancing. I almost felt like a rich girl who can afford Gold ;)

Teryl was wonderful, delightful, sweet and so, so adorable. So despite the fact that I could quite stop crying I was laughing and having a good time. After that there was the upgrade, the picking up Shanks photo, though I didn't really have to cause one of my friends picked it up for me and handed it to me with a wonderful, deep bow. why cant boys back home do that? ;) Then it was group shots and lots of saying good bye.

I agreed to go out with some friends to "downtown" Chicago and have pizza at this restaurant that apparently had the best pizza in town. Now, I say pizza, but really its more like a very thick pie. Very, very thick. The trip was awful though. First a tiny train that went into tunnels and underground. My claustrophobia loved that one. I have three problems. tight spaces, bridges and water. so after hyperventilating after the train ( which one of my friends managed to put a stop to by covering poor Cliff Simon in chocolate and puppies) I was supposed to cross a long bridge over water.. thank you for that, love -.- But the pizza was tasty. Once we got inside ;)

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