My first trip to the UK - Saturday & Sunday

Yeah, saturday AND sunday.. I know, I'm falling behind again. Not my fault though.. I keep falling asleep the minute we get back to the house. Lots of stuff to do and lots of things to see and lots of people. My poor brain is not used to it so I get mentally exhausted. And fall asleep ;)

So.. saturday. Doctor Who day! ^^ First of we to a trip to London where we had some lunch and then went off to find the Who Store at Barking street. Love it! I really, really loved it. It wasn't huge, but they had sooooo much stuff! it was packed! I wanted at LEAST half of it! And yet they had very little Ninth Doctor stuff. But I did get some stuff, trying to hold on to my money.. but I did get some stuff ^^ And I found a christmas present for Michelle. Sometimes I feel sorry for Paul cause Michelle is the one who keeps getting pressies, but its so much easier to shop for girls, isn't it? ;)

After I was done with the shopping (I just HAD to buy the sonic screwdriver earrings!!) we went into the little museum behind the shop. And yes, it was very, very small but they did have a whole bunch of stuff. And I imagine that most of the costumes were very, very expensive. We were allowed to take pictures with a digital camera but they asked us not to post it online. Which I get, cause there wasn't a lot. worth seeing, and definitely not expensive, but if people post the photos online then no one is gonna wanna go and just buy the who stuff online instead. I don't know if that is the reason, but still..

After that we had some time to kill before we had to go back home so my chauffeur looked up if there were any Disney stores close by. I had to go there so that I could pick up some pressies for the kids and it would be a lot nicer to do that when I had access to a car compared to dragging it around London all day and then take it on the train. So we went to this huuuge shopping mall, we didn't even go through all of it. I found some nice stuff in a store called Dolly Rocker Kids, both for my nieces and for my sister who's going to have her first baby early next year. Picked up some gifts for mom and dad, and some tiny things for the kids in various toy stores. Didn't find what I was looking for at the Disney store, cause it was all sold out, so I had to make do with the next best thing. and to make it easier on everyone the girls got the same thing this year.

I also found my very, very favorite store; Victoria's Secret. Since I lost all that weight I've been having trouble with my bra's, so now I had a chance to get some that actually fit. Bombshells, of course ^^ Or false marketing as my mother likes to call it. I kinda like that description. And so did the girls at the store. Wonderful customer service as always, wonderful girls on the floor and a wonderful, delightful little thing in the fitting room. Turns out I have the same cup-size but I've gone down two sizes around. Yeay! I'm getting thinner!

After that it was time to go home and prepare for the new Doctor Who season at the local cinema in Uckfield. Some things were weird, like they were trying to connect him to much to the 11th doctor, cause there were a lot of comments and things that really wasn't necessary. We still get that its the same Doctor.
I am very happy with Capaldi, I believe he will be an excellent Doctor. I've never doubted that.
However.. What the hell has happened to the Tardis?!?!?! What did they do?!?!?! She just looks fake! The windows looks awful and the color.. The doctor got older but the Tardis got younger and faker. I really, really don't like the new Tardis! :'(

When we got back from the cinema after all the extras we got into bed and they set up the tv for me so I could re watch the episode, with english subtitles this time. Picked up alot of things that I missed the first time. Goddess, my hearing sucks..
See, they were smart enough to record the episode on the telly as well! ^^* Yeay, I'm stayin with smart people!
However, I was soooo tired that I fell asleep right before the end of the epiosde.. shame on me, I know..


On sunday we got kicked out of the house cause the misses was going to entertain her mother so we went on a road trip! Yeay, road trip! A road trip through Sussex. At the speed of light. These Britts are such reckless drivers. I grew up in a country where there can be six different animals that jump out in front of you on your way between work and home. These people drive sooooo fast its freaking ridiculous!

But we did get there. and back. In fact I've spent quite a lot of time in a car since I came to the UK and I'm still alive.
I think.

We saw lots of pretty places and I took lots of pretty photos on our way to Brighton. Quite interesting city that one. And finally I got to see some shops that looked very british. We had lunch and walked around the Lanes for a while before we headed out to the pier. You know, that one that DIDN'T burn down. it was huuuge! freaking huuuge! They had carousels, two arcades (with minions!) and lots and lots of stalls selling sweets and food and just plain old stuff. I actually tried a crepe with strawberrys, creme and custard. (Of course I had to explain the Doctor Who connection to my driver, fish fingers and custards. Still need to try that.)

After a while we went back home, had chinese and watched Oblivion. Scifi movie with whats-his-face. Was ok, I guess. But I don't really like these new hollywood-scifi movies.

Of course I watched Deep Breath one more time before I fell asleep ;)

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