My first trip to the UK - Day Two, Friday

I woke up at seven but seeing as how I didn't have anything planned for the morning and the fact that I was on vacation I decided that I was going to stay in bed until at least 8 AM. .. At 7;30 I was really, really bored so I got out and started poking at things. My own things mind you. A pair of pants I had to make some improvements to. (AKA remove the Bling from otherwise perfect pants)

After getting ready we took of at lunch to go to Arundel Castle. Both Richard and Bryony came with me and it was really, really lovely. When we came to Arundel there was this huge festival (that I had read, and spoken, about) but Bry seemed to have missed it completely. so it was a surprise for her, a happy one I hope. We got some classic British Pub food, since Elin had insisted that I got that. It was all right. It wasn't as heavenly as Elin had made it out to be, but that was just one place and one meal. Next time I'll take something differently. well see.

After lunch we went over to Arundel castle, which Bry insisted on paying for -.-) and the first thing we see is this, kind of hot guy, standing on the grass with an owl flying around his head. For 2p you got to hold one of the birds and the money went to caring for birdies. I love birdies and these were quite wonderful. such beautiful birds. Bryony slipped me a 2p so I got to hold this lovely thing called Aimee. Huge, but not at all as heavy as I had imagined. only about 1kg. Though my arm did get tired after holding her up for a while. but soooo magnificent. After that we went into the castle it self. beautiful, I'll post some photos and let you be the judge yourself. You are not allowed to take photos in the castle, but you are more then welcome to take pictures in the Keep. I got some great shots of that.

After wandering around for a quite a bit my legs where seriously considering filing for a divorce so we sat down at the cafe for a while before we walked back to the car for a quick chat and then I left for the Shakespeare thing.

I say Shakespeare thing but it was quite, quite wonderful. I love Shakespeare but I've never seen a live performance before. It was Macbeth which is a first. I've never seen that performed, either on stage or on the screen. But it was really, really great. I didn't really appreciate how could it would get once the sun set. I should have brought my gloves, that I did bring to the UK just in case, and a blanket. As it was I had to get up and by a cup of hot chocolate between part I and part II. So it was rather cold which made me wish that time would fly by a bit faster, but the performance was so brilliant that most of the time I did forget to be cold. But then again, Shakespeare and his language have always had a very special affect on my brain.
So kudos to the GB Theater Company. great job guys. And I must say that Alex Gatehouse is a very, very gorgeous man. Sexiest Macduff on the planet ;)

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