#SGCHI Stargate Convention in Chicago Day 5 Monday

I got up early, really early, in order to get the bedroom to myself so that I could see as many of my friends off as possible. I think I was down at the lobby at about 7:20-ish in the morning. The morning was kind of okay actually. I hooked up with a lot of different friends, talking about the weekend and so on.

and then.. THEN it was time for a trip on a motorcycle. Some friends of mine actually came to the con on motorcycles and one of them promised me a ride. apparently it is legal to ride without a helmet in some states but I definitely wanted one. So they were kind enough to lend me one. Now. I had thought that he was just gonna take me around the hotel but we actually ended up going for a real trip. it was awesome! Absolutely awesome! Afterwards I had four people staring at me in the lobby with huge grins on their faces because I was so happy and giddy and bouncy! I love it! I really, really loved it! We got some nice photos and then, unfortunately it was time for my friends to go home. Two of my favorite people, people I've known the longest, goes home on the same shuttle! Of course I started crying.. badly. and I hate crying in public. I hate letting people see me cry. I. Do. Not. Cry. In font. of People. Except at conventions apparently.

So there I am, trying to compose myself and I look over at two of my friends looking over at Me, looking a bit well.. uncomfortable. My thought is, "Brilliant. Big strong men getting uncomfortable because a girl is crying." That wasn't it.. once I'd gotten myself under control and went over to join them one of them starts with "I know you don't really wanna hear this but.." They're leaving too! What the?!?!

worst day ever.. after that I hang out with some friend and then my roommates decides to take me out to lunch. They let me stay in their room for free and now their paying for lunch.. really?! but they insisted.. -.-

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