#SGCHI Stargate Convention in Chicago Day 3 Saturday

Saturday started out fairly normal. Que to the bathroom due to the fact that there was four girls sharing one bathroom, but it all worked out just fine ^^*

It was time for The Day. The day that I wore my first Cosplay outfit in public for the first time. I was sooo nervous. I actually considered backing out of it but my room mates insisted. So off I went.. Long nails meant I had to get help with some of the jewelry though. Thankfully I have great friends.
I got down to do the Photo op with Paul and David (which turned out great) and then I got into the theater to wait for Cliff Simon ^^ Awesome panel, as always, some great question and lots of awesomeness from Simon. I had a short break before my photo op with him so I went strolling the hallway. Which was kind of weird. much, much weirder than I had imagined. People kept asking me if they could take my photo. I really only made the dress for my photo op with Cliff and its my first one so I didn't really consider the fact that people would love it. but they apparently did.

Once it was time for my photo op Id gotten quite used to the dress and for once I had an idea for the photo op. I explained to him that since I was the new host for Ba'al to hide from the SGC in, I had to get rid of the old host cause he knew to much. So if it wasn't to much of a trouble, would he be alright with going down on his knees and let me strangle him? It was in fact not to much of a trouble, and the photo turned out great, him on his knees choking and me standing there absentmindedly checking my nails. Such a cool photo! And he wrote "Domination!" on the photo op when he signed it! :D I got a "normal" photo of the too of us and "Samantha Carter" lent me her Goa'uld symbiot to hold! I swear, I have the best and the coolest friends in the world!

Then I spent some more time meeting up with "Samantha Carter" and "Teal'c" for some amazing photos. Both for us and for other people. It got a bit intense for a while, it actually kicked my stage fright thingy into high-gear. I got sweaty, dizzy and my vision got a bit blurry. So we took a break.

Next up was Joe, David and Paul on stage. They spent about as much time bitching to and about each other as they did answering questions. All good fun. After that, there was lots and lots of more photos taken of us and of our friends. A new friend of mine invited me to do the Goa'uld duo photo with him, which was really sweet and sooo cool. Cliff, me, "Teal'c" and Jacqueline in one photo. And I'm holding "Samantha Carters" symbiot. Lots of Goa'ulds in one photo ;)

Then it was time for Jason Momoa to hit the stage. I had my seat all the way back at Q but a very sweet boy gave me access to a unused seat on row M, which is the front row of silver. Much appreciated. First of all I got closer to the stage, but since its the first silver row there is a lot more leg-room before the last row of gold. More room around me means less stress because of closeness. It was kind of fun. Jason got to show off his mom. ^^* And he pulled mini-Ronon on stage for some photos. always fun when kids gets to do stuff they love.

After that there was the costume parade. I knew it was a stupid idea -.- But I had "teal'c" on one side and my roomie on the other making sure I didn't shake out of my very, very high shoes. I took my glasses off, I had this theory that I would get less nervous if I couldn't see everyone. didn't really work.. but you know.. A for effort and all that.. I didn't manage to get back on stage for the group photo though. one step at the time. Once that ordeal was over with it was 6;30. which is when David Hewlett's photo op started.

so I had to run upstairs and get out of my dress. On my own. This is a very, very tight dress and I'm not supposed to even attempt this on my own. but I forgot. see, I'm not really used to people undressing me :P But somehow I managed. Out of the dress and into the corset and down to the photo op room. see, I had promised a friend that I would do a devil/angel photo with her and David. I go there in time but I had to have one of my friends to tie to corset for me. Always nice when you can get a guy to tie your corsets. sound so much better ;)
I was, of course, wearing the devil horns while my friend was wearing a gloria. Stuff that she brought. I built on that a bit. Most american hotels have bibles in the rooms, and so did this. so she was good. but the devil needed something. so I basically walked into the bar and asked if I could have an empty bottle of alcohol. After convincing them that I was not joking, she did give me a big bottle that used to contain vodka. Swedish vodka. which people actually had to point out to me.. silly goose. but the photo turned out great! I got a normal one of me and David too.

And then it was time for autographs. I got Cliff to sign the super cool photo and then I had two photo ops from a precious convention that I got Paul to sign since I had two free autographs with him using my too silver/thingy's. Row Q and Row M, remember? After that my babysitter decided that it was time to feed me again and we ended up getting another salad.

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